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Yoni Goldberg


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Yoni Goldberg is an independent consultant who works with 500 fortune corporates and garage startups on polishing their Node.js applications. He's the author of Node's largest best practices collection (gh/goldbergyoni/nodebestpractices). More than any other topic he is fascinated by and aims to master the art of testing. At his spare time, he likes to write in his blog and debug production application using console.log
May 7th Node
The testing world is seeing a significant mega-trend - "Testing in production" which suggests putting more focus on realistic tests that are conducted with a production environment. This approach is already embraced by the world most reputable R&D organization and a handful of techniques exist to fulfill this strategy safely. However, most resources on this matter lack practical code examples and demos. This talk aims to bring this fascinating trend down to earth and show live how Node.js code and test runners can discover severe issues that couldn't be discovered using traditional testing. Specifically, we're about to explore techniques like tap-compare, silent releases, traffic shadowing and more