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Souvik Basu


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Lessons from deploying our first Vue app to Production
May 7th Vue
What started as our side project soon made it to a full blown production application in a few months. Like most Vue projects, we had started with Vue CLI to create the initial MVP of the project, to validate the idea. But as and when the live site got traction, we figured out that it was struggling to keep up with user expectations. Our performance score in Lighthouse was a mere 2 out of 100. The site was not a PWA. It would not render well on a mobile device. SEO scores were down. Many good practices were practically absent and there was hardly any Accessibility support. The site would not give a seamless user experience unless we did the right things. We took a relook at our app and soon fixed most of these issues, which helped us achieve a respectable score. Our analytics showed higher user retention as the site worked like a charm on their mobile devices. My talk is about our learnings on the way to create a production ready Vue application with few easy tweaks. I will also showcase a few tools that helped me refine our app performance and enhance developer experience. If you are new to Vue.js or a startup exploring Vue.js for your project, these set of tools and tips will help you take off your side project to production without much hassle.