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Sanne Peters


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Naming Things
May 7th Node
I have seen things. Horrible things. Things that were incomprehensible. Mind boggling code, odd design elements. Colours I never knew existed. In my years as a Front-end developer, Designer and Nitt-Picker I have run into many situations where people were using strange terms for things, that made no sense at all, expect to them. Of course that is understandable. Naming things in software development is one of the hardest things there is. This goes from naming from colours in your Design System to variables in your code. In this talk I will explain not only why this is hard, but also give solid practical tips, tricks and methods for figuring out how to properly name something. And in turn become a better communicator.This talk will involve no technical bits and no code. It is intended for anyone who makes things and needs to name them.