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Opher Vishnia


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Who framed the <video> element: Making sense of video on the web
May 7th Vue
"When HTML5 brought native video support to the browser, a new era had begun. No longer were we bound to Flash, Silverlight or other 3rd party plugins for media playback. Video on the web was about to become so much easier, right? These days video on the web is practically everywhere, yet the <video> element holds the history of the web within its glorious, leaky abstractions. What makes video such a challenge? In this talk we’ll cover media handling in the browser: From the underlying technology to the political landscape of online video. We will learn how to wrangle video for desktop and mobile in a way that always plays, and what we should do when it actually doesn’t. We’ll look at how video actually works within the browser, OS and hardware. We’ll understand what its events mean and how they function in the context of the browser environment: networking, rendering, event loop and much more."