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Meredith Hassett


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Hitchhikers Guide to Push Notifications
May 7th Node
"DON'T PANIC! We live in a generation of instant gratification in almost every facet of our lives. Order something? You want to know immediately if the company received that order. Breaking news? Send it to my phone immediately so I'm not the last to know in my group text. The answer to life, the universe, and everything? After 7.5 millions years, 42. Push Notifications are a great way to engage and re-engage end users on your website or application. Push Notifications can be intimidating to implement as they do involve coding on the client and server side of an application, but that's what makes Node a great tool for building them. We'll dive into the publisher-subscriber relationship of push notifications and learn how to make sure our Infinite Probability Drive hasn't taken over and has us talking to the wrong person. And while we're talking about people, let us also talk about how to be a good citizen of the push notification (aka no Vogon poetry). Ready to hop onboard the Heart of Gold and look at a real life example of building a Push Notification while we check out some of the tools available in our belt to help us on this journey!"