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Like a surgeon dissecting RxJS Subjects
May 7th React
"Today, we live in a world where Reactive Programming is a constituent element in application development. In this world, like a missing piece of a puzzle, RxJS Observables have found a great place in our applications. However, due to the dearth of resourceful documentation, most front end developers find it quite difficult to wrap their heads around it in the first go and end up misusing it. Not to mention, the never ending colossal collection of RxJS Operators and the concept of Rx Subjects aids in increasing the bewilderment. The aim of this talk is to share a portion of insights of RxJS’s Subjects and Observables through live coding/demo with the attendees so that once they know all these cool things, they can use them in their regular work or personal front-end projects/MVPs. A secondary goal of this talk is to improve RxJS usage as the most common issues here in my experience when it comes to practical applications are that developers misuse it. There is a fine line between Rx Observables and Subjects and why you should favour one over the other based on the scenario/use case is important for building robust technology stacks. In this talk, first the audience will learn the constituents of Subjects namely Observables and Observers. Second, they will learn the use cases and the motivation to use different types of Subjects; Replay, Async, Behaviour. Third, they will learn Hot vs. Cold Observables. Lastly, the objective is to empower the attendees by enabling them to understand when to use Subjects over Observables? Throughout the talk each learning outcome (aforementioned) will be demonstrated through live code/demo. The talk will be concluded by sharing additional resources with the attendees to kick-start their learning. The key takeaways from this talk for the attendees are: 1. Attendees will realize the problems/use cases for Subjects and Observables. 2. Attendees will understand the code/usage for Subjects and Observables. 3. Attendees will realize the significance of RxJS as a framework that will enable one to solve these problems. 4. Attendees will be able to incorporate change in their work/personal projects using the resources shared in the talk. Required knowledge: Cloud computing, JavaScript, RxJS. "