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Liran Haimovitch


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CI/CD with Jenkins and Kubernetes- the Ugly Bits
May 7th Node
In modern software engineering, CI/CD is at the heart and soul of your workflow. If you get it right, you’ll be able to easily deliver high-quality software to meet your product and business needs. Fail to get it right and not only will you find it difficult to meet your milestones/goals but you will more likely than not be dealing with developer frustration and angst. At Rookout, this challenge was magnified by having to deliver a backend SaaS service with multiple APIs and frontends, as well as SDKs for multiple runtimes and even a few desktop apps, all built from a combination of open-source and proprietary git repositories in a highly compliant environment. Throughout our journey, we have experimented with four different CI solutions, as well as Docker, Kubernetes, and Helm, among other building blocks. In this talk, I will share with you the insights and lessons we have learned building a pipeline with which we deliver software multiple times a day while meeting our customers’ expectations for high quality and high availability.