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Katerina Skroumpelou


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Angular & Google Maps
May 7th Angular
Using Angular, we will explore the possibilities of the Google Maps Platform and the Google Maps JS API. If you think of any app today, chances are it's using some kind of map. Your app has users, your users have a location, your services are based on that. Still, we find it worrisome to just add that customized, branded, interactive map in our app, because it just might seem too complicated. And we resort to out of the box solutions. Well, good news. The Google Maps JS API is here for you (and it’s been here for the last 15 years, despite you not making the most of it). Today we’ll see how simple it is to add that desired map to your business, brand it to your needs, and go advanced all the way, with this one weird trick that will make leaflet users hate you.