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Joe Karlsson


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From SQL to NoSQL: A Gentle Introduction For JS Developers
May 7th Node
"When you need to model data, is your first instinct to start breaking it down into rows and columns? Mine used to be too. When you want to develop apps in a modern, agile way, NoSQL databases can be the best option. Come to this talk to learn how to take advantage of all that NoSQL databases have to offer and discover the benefits of changing your mindset from the legacy, tabular way of modeling data. We’ll compare and contrast the terms and concepts in SQL databases and MongoDB, explain the benefits of using MongoDB compared to SQL databases, and walk through data modeling basics so you feel confident as you begin using MongoDB. This talk is for JavaScript developers who are familiar with the basics of SQL and are interested in learning more about NoSQL. As a JavaScript developer, understanding the basics of how NoSQL databases work will make you better equipped to work with backend teams and give you a broader understanding of how modern web applications are built."